Public Buildings

Modern Building Control - We offer intelligent solutions!

The networking of intelligent building control in the public and commercial sector is an important economic and safety factor.

The operations management system controls and monitors the entire building and provides a central information platform with data access to different sites for individual buildings and properties. Thus, the user extracts many advantages in maintenance, alarm system, monitoring or consumption data.

Of course, here, too applies: External control, remote maintenance and configuration of the system at any time and anywhere.

List of our public references:

  • Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • DRK ambulance station Marburg - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • Feuerwehr Frankfurt am Main - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt am Main -
  • Justizvollzugsanstalt Diez - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • University Gießen Philosophikum II
  • University Gießen Philosophikum Haus B - EIB-Programming
  • University Gießen Nephrologie - EIB-Programming
  • University Gießen MKG - EIB-Programming
  • Grammar School Bad Marienberg - EIB-Programming
  • Grammar School Gonsenheim - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • Elisabeth-School Marburg - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • Ricarda-Huch-School Gießen
  • Castle Butzbach
  • EVB Butzbach - EIB-Programming/ Visualization
  • Police Station Dillenburg -
  • Hessenpark House Schlitz
  • City Hall Dautphetal - EIB-Programmierung / Visualization
  • Underground parking Friedrichsplatz Kassel - EIB-Programming/ Ventilation control Hessischer Rundfunk Frankfurt - EIB-Programmierung / Shutter control
  • Kindergarten Trohe/Busseck - EIB-Programming
  • ZVK Wiesbaden - EIB-Visualization
  • Multipurpose hall Butzbach Pohlgöns - EIB-Programming/ Tableau
  • Courthouse III Dillenburg - EIB-Programming/ Network/ Visualization
  • Pölzig Ensemble Frankfurt, Main - EIB-Visualization
  • Swimming pool Bad Salzhausen - EIB-Programming/ Tableau