EIB / KNX - let your building shine in a new light

Building Technology has grown substantially over the last years. You installed components such as lighting, air conditioning or security systems separately in the past, today you plan cross-system:

The age of intelligent building control has found its way successfully not only into public but also private buildings. For the central networking and orchestration of individual components by KNX system guarantees more comfort, safety, economy and not least environmental friendliness!

Highly simplified, a KNX system (Konnex-Bus) works by sensors such as motion detectors, which send commands to actuators, such as Switching relay for illumination. These commands are then converted into actions by using a bus system (cable, powerline or wireless), which forwards the information.

A central control does not take place because each component contains its own processor and knows its job. Only the parameters are centrally controlled, and, if needed, individually adjustable, whereas the international standard EN 50090 provides the smooth communication between different devices and manufacturers.

In this way it is possible to complete building services such as security systems, heating and lighting control to operate all electrical household appliances and multimedia by touch. Around the Clock. Worldwide.